Authors are encouraged to follow the following principles before submitting their article:

  • The articles must be written in English or Turkish.
  • The author(s) guarantee(s) that the manuscript itself or any substantially similar content of the manuscript has not been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • The manuscript is to be written in the WORD format.
  • Where available, URLs for the references must be provided.
  • The text is single-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end. All figures, graphics, photographs and tables are to be given in the main text where they are mentioned and transferred to the electronic medium. The figures, photographs, graphics should be presented in the JPG, or TIFF format.
  • The title of the article should be suitable to the contents of the article and be understandable. All headings should be highlighted in boldface.
  • All acknowledgements (including those concerning research grants and funding provided by individual(s) or institution(s)) should be placed in a separate section at the end of the article.
  • The sections of the manuscripts (other than the abstract, acknowledgement and the references), should be given numbers. These sections should be organized in the following order: AbstractsManuscriptsAcknowledgements (if necessary) and the References.
  • The mathematical expressions should be written by using an "equation editor". The equations must be numbered within parenthesis.
  • The main text should be formed in the following order:

a.)     Abstract: The maximum length of the abstract must be 250 words. There should be 1 (one) line space left between the abstract and the key words which should not be less than 3 (three) in number and should be written in italics. Mathematical expressions must not be included in the abstract.
b.)     Manuscript: The article should start with an introduction written in scientific language, putting thoughts together from diverse disciplines combining evidence-based knowledge and logical arguments, conveying views about the aim and purpose of the article. It must address all readers in general. The technical terms, symbols, abbreviations must be defined at the first time when they are used in the article. The manuscript should be formed in the following order:

  • Introduction,
  • Material and Method,
  • Findings,
  • Discussion and Conclusion.

All these sections should be numbered. The text can also have sub-headings and sub-titles (2.1, 2.2, ...etc.).
c.)      References: References should be prepared in accordance with APA 6 guidelines for reference. In-text references and references should be provided in accordance with the language of the full text. For the Turkish full text, Turkish referencing the procedures and principles must be taken into account and fort he English text, English referencing the procedures and principles must be taken into account.

The font family should be given with the Palatino Linotype and the line spacing of 3 PT. Indent 4. Should be given under the letter.

Additional tables, figures, graphics and images should be given on a new page after the bibliography. For each Annex, Annex 1., Appendix 2. each Annex should be titled separately.

* Discussion, conclusions and suggestions can be collected by the authors under a single title or can be given separately.
** In case of acknowledgements and additional information, these titles should be given as the main title, such as introduction, method.

Tables and Figures
Table and figure title and text properties should be given by taking into account the structure of the examples in the template.
12 pt spaces are given before and after tables and figures.
Table titles and text 10 points
For example, the table and its number are dark. Table 1 Table Header
Figure if the graphic is in an editable format and the title and inner text are 10 points
Figure and number bold, example: Figure 1. Shape Title
If the figures contain an photo or an image that cannot be edited, they should be transferred in Word at 300 dpi resolution. At the fourth step of article submission, with the "load an additional file" option in the "step", the original image must be loaded.


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Checklist for articles submitted for publication
Articles should be complete and should include:

    • Presentation page to editor
    • Cover page
    • Writing sections
    • English title
    • Abstract (250 words)
    • Keywords (at least 3)
    • Dedicated article to appropriate sections
    • List of resources prepared in accordance with the journal writing rules
    • All shapes, tables and charts
    • Copyright Transfer Form” signed by all authors